Do I really need to make a Will?

Do I really need to make a Will

Making a Will should be at the top of your ‘to do’ list.

The most common reasons we hear for people not making their Will includes :

  • Time – lack to time, or never ‘getting around to it’ – this is why we offer all clients an appointment at a convenient time for them, including evenings and weekends! 
  • Indecision – you can’t decide who will deal with everything, who will benefit, or who will look after your children – you will be surprised how quickly these decisions can be resolved when you speak with us about your wishes and concerned as we have dealt with many different family situations so can offer your guidance.
  • Presumption – you presume that your loved ones will automatically inherit your estate – this simply is not the case, especially if you have remarried or are not married or in a civil partnership.
  • Superstition – you think that you are ‘tempting fate’ by making your Will – we have never known a client to pass away immediately after signing their Will, as a result of making their Will.

The reality is that putting off making your Will until it is too late (and let’s be honest no one knows when ‘that time’ will happen) just causes unnecessary stress and heartache for the ones you leave behind.

Here are our top 8 reasons to make your Will:

  1. You decide who will deal with everything on your death – these are known as your ‘Executors’
  2. You decide who will benefit from everything you have – these are known as your ‘Beneficiaries’.
  3. You decide who will look after your young children – these are known as your ’Guardians’ and if you don’t appoint them Social Services and the Courts will decide.
  4. You can ensure that you have provided for your partner if you’re not married or civil partnered – the idea of a ‘common law’ spouse is just a myth and your partner will not automatically receive everything.
  5. You can ensure that your children will be provided for if you are remarried – depending on the size of your estate, your children may not even be considered when distributing your estate and everything may go solely to your new spouse.
  6. You can ensure that your pets have someone to look after them – otherwise they risk being alone.
  1. Your Will can help to avoid family members arguments – claiming what they believe they are entitled to and possibly even Court battles.
  2. Your Funeral Wishes can be included in your Will, giving your loved ones some guidance at an emotional time.

Taking the time now to tick this important task off your ‘to do’ list can give you some much needed peace of mind and your loved ones some much needed protection

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